1. A Brief History of Bail Bonds

    At this point you know that whether you’re in Bayou Cane, Houma, or anywhere else in Southern Louisiana, Lausen’s Bail Bonds are the experts that you’re going to call. But do you know where the idea of bail comes from? Pre-trial release dates all the way back to ancient Rome, although the way the Romans took care of bail is much different than what the process of bail bonds companies look li…Read More

  2. Our Three Favorite Movies About Being a Bondsman

    Finding a bail bondsman can be a bit of a challenge; it’s not quite like it looks in the movies. Having said that, there are a number of great movies that have plots revolving around bail bondsmen. Here are three of our favorite. Jackie Brown. Based on the book Rum Punch by novelist Elmore Leonard, this movie stars Robert Forster as bondsman Max Cherry of Cherry Bail Bonds. Pam Grier, Robert DeN…Read More

  3. Who Can Post Your Bail Bond?

    If you go to jail, who can bail you out? Being arrested and held in jail is a scary, uncomfortable place to be, both mentally and physically. Your number one goal will be to get out of jail and get back to your regular life, and the sooner the better, and with as much discretion as possible. So who can work with our Bayou Cane bondsman at Lausen's Bail Bonds to help secure your release? Essentiall…Read More

  4. What Happens When You Miss Your Court Date?

    When you use our Bayou Cane bondsman to get out of jail, they are putting up the money to secure your release. That money is like a promise that you’ll appear at your next court date. Not showing up for your court date is very, very bad. This can be called “skipping bail,” “jumping fail,” or the more technical term, “failure to appear.” No matter what you call it, though, if you end …Read More

  5. Download Our App to Reach Our Bayou Cane Bondsman Even Faster

    As our bail bonds company has grown, we've continued to look for ways to serve our customers better and better. Our app for iPhones and other smartphones is one of the ways we're making the bail bond experience easier and it has been hugely popular with our customers. It allows them to have fast access to our Bayou Cane bondsman when they need it the most, including an incredibly useful "panic but…Read More