When you use our Bayou Cane bondsman to get out of jail, they are putting up the money to secure your release. That money is like a promise that you’ll appear at your next court date. Not showing up for your court date is very, very bad. This can be called “skipping bail,” “jumping fail,” or the more technical term, “failure to appear.” No matter what you call it, though, if you end up missing that court date after you’ve been bailed out there are huge repercussions that can follow.

First of all, the money that was put up for your release is in danger of being forfeited. Just because you pay 10% of the bail amount to your Bayou Cane bondsman doesn’t mean the rest of the money didn’t have to be given to the court; your bondsman did that for you, so now they are in danger of losing the entire amount of your bail. This can be a big blow to their business. This is why they’ll be so eager to find you and get you back to jail. When this happens, their bail amount is usually given back to them and you’ll find yourself back in jail awaiting a hearing before a judge.

Secondly, it is unlikely that anyone will be willing to bail you out again once you’ve missed a court date. Once you’ve proven yourself to be either a flight risk or unlikely to return for your next court dates, it wouldn’t be good business sense for a bail bondsman to give you the money you need to get out again. Your friends and family members are going to be less likely to sign for a bail bond, either, because you’ll be putting their money at risk as well.

Additionally, you could be facing harsher fines, stricter jail sentences, and an angry judge. Skipping on a bond isn’t just frowned upon by your bondsman; the prosecution and the judges involved in your case are going to view it as a problem as well. They may feel it shows a lack of remorse on your part for your crimes and push for harsher sentencing. Because of the additional paperwork and scheduling work that will need to be done, you could be looking at bigger fines from the courts, too, after you’ve skipped out on your initial court date.

Don’t take out a bail bond if you don’t plan on showing up for your court date. You’ll only be making more issues for yourself and for your loved ones. Likewise, don’t sign for a bail bond for someone who you think is unlikely to show up for their court dates. Lausen’s Bail Bonds loves to help good people get out of bad situation, so if you are prepared to walk on the straight and narrow path to get your life back together after you’ve been in jail, we want to help. Give us a call today or contact us through our website to start the bail bond process right away.