They do what it takes to help you.

At Lausen’s Bail Bonds, their bondsmen do what it takes to help you in a time of need. With every case that they take on, they approach it from two different angles. No matter what situation you may be in, they offer you a one and done option as well as more financially compatible solutions for bail bonds too. Theses days, many people find themselves counting every penny; money may be tight, so they last thing that Lausen’s Bail Bonds wants to do is make your already difficult situation even harder.

Lausen’s Bail Bonds offers their clients one of the lowest down payment plans possible, combined with easy to pay monthly payments that fit your everyday needs. It is their goal to work with you, not against you, making your situation better and providing you with the help that you need.

Not just getting you out of jail.

What makes Lausen’s Bail Bonds stand out in their community, which includes Thibodaux, Bayou Cane and Houma, is their dedication to each and every one of their clients. They understand that your family is involved in a high-stress scenario; they too have been in your shoes before and truly empathize with what you may be going through. It is the goal of every bondsman to offer you systems and solutions to a problem, which is not just getting somebody that you love out of jail. All of their agents care, and that is what makes a true difference.

There is a back story to every case that they work on; it is their goal to understand your story and where you come from in order to get to know you fully. Whether you are looking for a simple get out of jail service or would like referrals for mental health treatment facilities, counseling centers, and inpatient treatment centers, it is their goal to get you the help that you need to make a difference.



  • Misdemeanor Bail.
  • DWI Bail.
  • Drug Charge.
  • Weapons Violations.
  • Probation Violations.
  • Felony Bail.
  • Theft Crimes Bail.
  • Assault Charges Bail.


  • 1st Offense.
  • 2nd Offense .


  • Drug Crimes.
  • Burglary.
  • Assault / Battery.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Driving / Acting Stupid.