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Be the reason for change.

Lausens Bail Bonds believes that just because you may be in a difficult situation, that does not mean that you have to lose all hope. Having been in the same rough and complicated scenario many years ago, Lausens Bail Bonds goes out of their way to provide their clients with the help that they did not receive. They saw what the industry was missing and acted on what they felt was necessary to change.

Lausens Bail Bonds strives to provide their clients with the help that they need to make a step towards change. Everyone is worth helping and is valuable to society; it is Lausens Bail Bonds’ mission to make you see that as well. When you come to Lausens Bail Bonds, is it not just about getting you out of jail; it is about offering you a solution to better your life overall. Offering help with counseling, inpatient treatment facilities, faith-based services, and more, Lausens Bail Bonds is there to meet all of your needs.

The help you need in St. Mary.

If you live in the St. Mary Parish and find yourself or someone you love in trouble, contact Lausens Bail Bonds right away. Do not put off getting the help that you need; Lausens Bail Bonds is more than happy to work with your budget and offers a variety of payment options that meet your specific needs. It is their goal to help you in whatever way that they can. No problem is too big for Lausens Bail Bonds.