When a loved one makes a bad mistake, uses very poor judgment or hangs out with the wrong type of people, these circumstances can sometimes lead to a stint in the county jail. And there are few things worse than having to spend time behind bars. Getting arrested is nothing to be taken too lightly, you need to get your loved one out of jail and get sufficient counsel right away. This is when you need a superior Thibodaux bail bonds service on your side.

When a loved one winds up in jail, your first step is to give us a call. Here are the reasons why.

After calling Lausen’s Bail Bonds Agency and getting out of jail fast, your loved one has the freedom and opportunity to seek the necessary arrangements needed before the appointed court date. Getting in touch with a qualified attorney in order to prepare a proper defense is far easier when you are not stuck in jail.

If your loved one has a job, it is in jeopardy if they are in jail for any extended period of time. The longer your loved one is in jail, the more likely they stand a chance of losing their job. Employment is a priority and getting out of jail as quickly as possible helps you maintain it.

Law enforcement occurs around the clock, which means your loved one could get arrested at any time of day or night. But that is quite alright as we offer our services 24/7.

If you have a loved one sitting in jail right now, call us and we can help.