There has been a lot of debate about the bail bond industry in the United States in the media recently. One of the issues that has recently come to light is whether or not defendants have a better chance of winning their case if they are released on bail. While there are valid and important reasons that someone shouldn’t be released on bail or why friends and family members may decide that they are safer in jail until their court date, more and more studies are showing that defendants actually have a better chance of winning their court case and spending less time in jail if they’ve been released on bail before their court date.

A New York City defense attorney was quoted in The Guardian as saying “If they have you in jail, the power has shifted to the prosecutorial arm of the system, and they can force you to make a plea. If you are out of jail, the power dynamic is completely different. Our research shows that when bail is posted, at least half the cases are going to be dismissed outright and most will result in no jail time at all.” The same article says that defendants who remain in jail are treated more harshly by judges and prosecutors.

But why is that? Why would being in jail make a difference? Some say it’s a display of how the justice system treats those with money (who can post their bail in cash for release) and those without money (who have to remain in jail until their court date). It could also be due to the access a defense lawyer has to a client; when they are out of jail, they have more flexibility to meet and the defendant has more time and energy to devote to their own defense.

If you or a loved one are currently being held in jail awaiting trial, this is a seriously topic to consider. Could they end up with a better outcome to their trial if they aren’t in jail beforehand? Is it worth coming up with the bail amount in order to get them out and give them a better chance? This is a serious decision that you’ll need to make, based on the charges, the defendant’s history, and your ability to put up the money for their release.

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