When a judge sets a bail amount for release from jail, you aren’t actually giving the judge that money. Bail acts more like an insurance policy. The court will collect that amount of money and hold on to it in order to give you an incentive to turn up for your next court date. If you don’t show up to court, though, you’ll lose that money and the court will get to keep it. If you do show up, the money will be returned to you (less any fees or fines). So how does our Houma bail bondsman play into all of this?

Bail amounts are usual set at an amount that’s well above what the average person can pay. For instance, some charges might require you to pay $10,000 or more to be released until your next court date. Most of us don’t have $10,000 sitting around to post for bail. Our Houma bail bondsman will post that amount for you in exchange for a 10% bail bond, or $1,000. Most bail bondsmen will accept cash, credit cards, or something you own that’s worth that amount of money.

A bail bondsman plays an important role in the judicial system. Without their services, more people would not get out of jail after they’ve been charged and would remain there until their day in court–which could be months away. With the help of our Houma bail bondsman, you can get yourself or your loved one out of jail sooner so they can get their lives back on track, keep their job, and continue to care for their family.

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