You already know that Lausen’s Bail Bonds is your go-to source for 24 hour bail bonds in Terrebonne Parish. Today we’re going to take you through a different scenario—what if the person you’ve gotten out of jail skips out on their bail?

Imagine this situation—you call Lausen’s Bail Bonds, go through the process, and get your loved one out of jail. You promise to help him or her through the Call your bail bonds agent if a loved one skips bail.difficult time that they’re going through and, eventually, you make your way to their court date. Unfortunately, your loved one decided not to go. What happens next?

  • A warrant will be issued for your loved one’s arrest.
  • He or she will be ineligible for bail once an arrest is made.

Unfortunately, your loved one may put you in a difficult situation and ask for you to hide them from the law. You should know that this is illegal and could land you in serious trouble.

One of the best choices you can make, should this situation arise, is to get in touch with the person you got bail bonds from. Here at Lausen’s Bail Bonds, we’ve been in this situation a fair share of times and we know how to help. We’ve got the necessary experience to help you through the situation in order to be sure that it’s resolved positively.

Do you have further questions about bail bonds? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We know that the situation you’ve found yourself in is stressful. We’re here to help.

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